Sky Mavis, the creators of the hit NFT title Axie Infinity, announced a $2.4 million grant for eSports to be paid out in various tournaments and invitationals for Axie Infinity Core – Sky Mavis generates the bulk of its revenue via the 4.25% fee it charges on all in-game purchases

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Axie Core

Sky Mavis launches new features worth $2.4M esports grant and products for Axie Infinity Core
The company behind the web3 game with the largest player base, Sky Mavis, introduces Axie Core to its community. Axie Core is the ‘Axie experience’ that will ‘strengthen the emotional bond’ between players and their Axies. Axie Core will allow Axies to be used on multiple experiences.

Axies will not be tied to a particular game mode. The whole idea is to give these pókemon-like creatures utility in multiple games. We are already seeing that with Axie Raylights land mini-game. In this game mode players can use their Axies to farm vegetables and plants. The idea is to have way more mini-games where players can use their Axies.

Right now the idea for the Axie Core is composed of the following features and game modes:

  • Equipping accessories on Axies
  • Upgrading parts
  • Breeding
  • Using Axies as PFPs
  • Axie raising, feeding, and petting

Accessories in Axie Infinity will be merely used for cosmetic reasons. Players will not get any advantage in-game by equipping their Axies with accessories. Players will also be able to trade them as NFTs.

In other games in web2 like Fortnite cosmetics are a big business. In web3 it could be a way to strengthen the economy of an ecosystem. It is still not known how accessories will be crafted or acquired. But let’s imagine that players need to burn $SLP to craft them. That would be another demand driver for this asset. According to the team, accessories will also create a stronger bond between players and their digital pets. This feature should be released this holiday season, so it is close.

Axie accessories as part of Axie CoreAxie accessories as part of Axie Core
Axie accessories
Part Upgrading

Part upgrading will speculatively create a much higher demand for a lot of assets within Axie Infinity. Bellow, it is a sample for upgrading an Axie body part taken from the original article:

($AXS) + (Material Obtained From Releasing reptiles) + (Material found in-game)= Level 2 part.

We can clearly see that this feature will create demand for $AXS and Axies. This because, by releasing Axies, players will get the materials required for part upgrading. Accordingly to the team, this is one of the main priorities right now. They also mentioned that, as part of Axie Core, part upgrading will make players ‘fall in love even more’ with their NFTs.

Breeding and Raising

Breeding will be reworked to better function with the upcoming features, new body parts, and new genes. Raising will play a role in the quality of Axies. Before, the genes of each Axie and an RNG factor were the only contributors to the quality of the offspring. That will change with Raising which will make Breeding more complex than before.

Mystic and Origin Axies

Mystic and Origin Axies also got some attention from the team as part of the Axie Core. The team intends to deliver the following utility for these expensive assets:

  • A different website
  • Merch
  • Distinct branding and identity
  • Enhanced commercial rights
  • Separate collections on the marketplace
  • Lore
  • Boosted rewards
  • Feedback Council

Achievements are also part of Axie Core. Some achievements will be related to battling with Axies while other will be related to upgrading and breeding. Achievements have always been a part of gaming and they drive many players to challenge themselves and spend more time playing their favorite games.

Last Thoughts

I think Origins was a big upgrade to Axie Infinity. Personally, I think as a mobile game it is decent. But I also think that for a game that has been under development for such a long time and that has such a large amount of money at its disposal, it should be WAY better by now.

The Axie Core concept makes sense. I think it will bring more utility to Axies and, consequently, increase the demand for them. Accordingly to Sky Mavis, it will also increase the ’emotional bond’ players have with their Axies and will make them ‘fall in love even more’ with their digital pets. I am now crying after writing this so I will leave you a video with my personal opinion regarding the whole project.

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