How to make money while playing NFTs or Crypto Play To Earn (P2E) games? How Do They Work? – A Guide To Your Future Side

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In This Article We Are Going To Explain How You Can actually Earn Crypto Playing P2E NFT Crypto Games and How Does It Work? Best Play-to-Earn Games with NFTs or Crypto | How To Make Money
How to make money with NFT P2E games?
Can you make money on NFT games? Here’s A List of Top Play-to-Earn, NFT Games of the Week
Like every week, we review the most played crypto games and the most successful NFT collections. We also round up the top 3 announcements of the week, so you are all set to start your research with the latest information.

Top play-to-earn games by active users


We have seen better weeks in the play-to-earn gaming space, and in the crypto world in general. It seems like when the crypto markets are down, the space struggles to attract new players. We do not see massive drops all across the board though, which is a good sign of player retention. Still no sign of Axie Infinity in this top and we see Pegaxy that keeps falling while casual games like Galaxy Blocks, and Jelly Squish seem to keep a steady number of players.

Top 10 NFT collections

Collection Volume traded 7 days in Change Floor Price
1. Otherdeed From Otherside 124,166 ETH +7.4 3.38 ETH
2. PXN: Ghost Division 20,711 ETH n/a 3.55 ETH
3. Beanz Official 19,189 ETH +475% 3 ETH
4. Mutant Ape Yacht Club 17,828 ETH -39.5 21 ETH
5. Bored Ape Yacht Club 17,083 ETH -42% 99 ETH
6. Okay Bears 393,638 SOL -30% 168 SOL
7. Doodles 9,083 ETH +32% 20 ETH
8. ENS: Ethereum Name Service 8,477 ETH +52% <0.01 ETH
9. Murakami Flowers Official 8,466 ETH n/a 3.78 ETH
10. Murakami Flowers Seed 7,950 ETH +8% 5 ETH
Source OpenSea

The Otherseed lands still tops the chart this week, but we see the rise of PXN, an anime-themed collection that gives access to a web3 community and tools. The Bored and Mutant Apes are falling a bit in terms of trading volume but floor prices remain high while the overall market is in a downtrend.

The Ethereum Name service domains have seen a spike in trading volume with the introduction of 3 and 4 characters domains and the introduction of emoticons domains.

Top announcements of the week

1. The Illuvium: Zero Land Sale Draws Closer

Illuvium land banner

The latest release from the increasingly prolific Gala Games brings us a sale for a project called Fuzzle. Combining NFTs, furry creatures, and an adaptive AI, Fuzzles cWith a unanimous five votes for from the Illuvium Council, proposal IIP-20 passed at the end of April, setting the parameters for the upcoming Illuvium: Zero land sale. – Read more

2. Crypto Unicorns Official Launch on the Polygon Network

Crypto Unicorns Official Launch on the Polygon Network

Starting from the 2nd of May, players worldwide can enjoy their Unicorn farms by connecting their wallets to the Crypto Unicorn website. At least one land is required to play, and new users can acquire one through the secondary market on OpenSea. – Read more

3. Onessus Shrinks Dev Team; Shifts Focus to Project Venom

Onessus Shrinks Dev Team; Shifts Focus to Project Venom

After the recent disappointing sales for both Voxelville and HodlGod, Onessus realized that they’ve taken on a bit more than they can handle at the moment, and made an announcement about a company shift. Onessus has cut back their dev teams and shutdown their HodlGod servers. However, a new offering called Project Venom, allowing use of many Onessus NFTs, is expected to be released in early May. – Read more

Top 10 Blockchain Gaming Tokens

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