How to Launch Your Own NFT-Marketplace Play 2 Earn gaming platform Marketplace Using Axie Infinity Clone script – Easiest Way Unlocked!

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Axie Infinity clone script is a source code using which you can build and start an NFT gaming platform like Axie infinity based on a blockchain. It is a well-known game platform today with many active users and revenue. For this reason, this article is dedicated to a brief introduction to Axie infinity clone source code script, its features, different ways of making money from it, etc.

What is Axie infinity clone script: a deep understanding

Axie Infinity is a combat game in which players can collect, breed, nurture, trade, and battle Axies. Axie Infinity is inspired by Pokémon, a popular game, and allows its players to collect, breed, and trade tokenized animal creatures referred to as Axies. On the other hand, this script is an NFT gaming platform similar to Axie infinity. Like the original Axie infinity, in the game clone script, players can collect different digital animals and breed them for battle with other digital pets of other players.

To dig deeper, an Axie infinity clone script can be defined as a white labeled piece of scripting code that can be used to construct an NFT gaming platform similar to the well-known NFT game Axie infinity quickly. The benefits of this code are that it is customizable, and using it, you can summarize the entire development effort of the game in 7–10 days. Thereby, you have a competitive match in the market with slight tweaks and customization. Due to money-making features and attractive UI design and functionality that grab player attentions and make them stay longer on the site, this game could be a lucrative source of income for players and producers. It also has both mobile and web applications.

In this game, each digital animal, I.e., Axie, is unique and represented as NFT based on the ERC721 token standard. Each Axie consists of 6 body parts and four states based on your customized clone script, and these parts and stats help distinguish between two Axies’ strengths. These two factors determine the cost of each Axie. Four basic states are vital in assessing an Axie: its battling speed, recovery, capacity, and damages. These four phases or states are as follow:

– HP refers to the Axies’ health and determines how long it can take the attacks in a battle.

– Morale: it enables the Axies to make critical strikes like a kind of power-up

– Skill stands for Axies’ ability to use multiple cards. Based on the skill level and Axie can impart further damage to the opponents Axie.

– Speed: it is a self-explanatory state, and the Axie with higher speed has the advantage of attacking first.

As mentioned earlier in the game clone script, you can customize all the states.

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