World of Women NFTs: The Blue Chip NFT Project – How many are there, What is it actually & how much do you get from this Collection?

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The Collection

Prismatica / WoW 3337 (left) ; Bubblegum Poppy / WoW 6025 (middle) ; Blue 6304 (right)
  • Prismatica / WoW 3337 — The realized personification of World of Women #3337. She has found that she enjoys sightseeing, and also learning about how things work. She has also found how delicious sparkling water can be…
  • Bubblegum Poppy / WoW 6025 — World of Women #6025, given form, has found that she loves to travel. She’s been all across the metaverse, and is looking forward to learning more about herself.
  • Blue 6304 — The physical embodiment of Blue #6304 from the World of Women, she wants to meet you and converse about all sorts of things!
Lava Warrior Rock (left) ; Lava Warrior Punk (middle) ; Lava Warrior Goth (right)
  • Lava Warrior Rock — Punk? Goth? There is only one music type for her: rock. Hardcore and to the point, she knows what gets her going, so stay out of her way when the music is on!
  • Lava Warrior Punk — There’s something about punk music that makes her body burn with energy, and she can recommend numerous bands, if you don’t mind listening to them with her for hours!
  • Lava Warrior Goth — Embrace darkness? Lava Warrior has rejected such notions, and instead has found her own fire from within, lighting aflame that which depresses her.
Helmet of Embers (left) ; Frosted Cuirass (middle) ; Curved Decorated Blade (right)
  • Helmet of Embers — Wearing the Helmet of Embers is said to bring out your passions and increase your focus. With it, great cities have been built, as well as incredible sculptures.
  • Frosted Cuirass — A bronze cuirass that has Moroccan-inspired terminations. It will protect and calm anyone who wears it.
  • Curved Decorated Blade — A decorative blade that is curved to showcase how strong the human spirit is, in its sharp, unbreakable perseverance.
Male Art Critic (left) ; Female Art Critic (middle) ; Purple Gem (right)
  • Male Art Critic — “I really feel I could have had more muscles, don’t you think? And a long beard. Ooh, and a massive axe! That’s what I really needed!” Protip: don’t ask NFTs about how they look, especially not an art critic.
  • Female Art Critic — “The key to any good art,” she said, “is that it has some sort of deeper meaning, don’t you agree?” Sure, but can you step back a bit? You’re too close…
  • Purple Gem — Purple gems have many uses, and when gathered in great piles, create their own form of music.
Giant Blinking Eye (left) ; Short Golden Bookshelf (middle) ; Wide Golden Bookshelf (right)
  • Giant Blinking Eye — An eye facing the future, looking towards a better tomorrow for women everywhere.
  • Short Golden Bookshelf — Rare books about personal expression can be found along the shelves, including a novel about finding your true, inner self.
  • Wide Golden Bookshelf — A bookshelf filled with gold-covered books. Each tome is from a different language, and filled with secret knowledge.
Impressive Marble Column (left) ; Golden Tower Topper (right)
  • Impressive Marble Column — To support that which it holds above, to create shade, and to be art in itself, this marble column is a worthy addition to any space.
  • Golden Tower Topper — Glows beautifully in the light of a sunset. This tower topper increases the value of whatever it is placed on.
Moroccan Sink (left) ; Moroccan Gate (right)
  • Moroccan Sink — A sculpted sink in the Moroccan style, it will bring peace to any room it is in.
  • Moroccan Gate — A beautifully crafted gate in the Moroccan style. Feel like you’re entering another world by stepping between its doors!


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