Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Ethereum Whales are Accumulating Now, What crypto are whales buying now & Which coin is best to buy Right now?

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Discover Ethereum Whales top 10 gaming coins they’re investing in.  This could be the next big cryptocurrency portfolio to consider investing in 2021 or 2022.

New data reveals that the world’s biggest Ethereum whales are stocking up on several gaming altcoins while the top crypto assets continue to consolidate.

The blockchain-transaction tracker WhaleStats tweets an updated list of the ten most purchased cryptocurrencies among whales over the past 24 hours.

The data shows that 30% of whales’ interest lies in the gaming sector. Not only is GALA ranked fourth on the list of recent purchases, but it also ranks seventh overall with the average whale holding 1,225,974 tokens with a value of $474,572.

Enjin Coin accounts for 1.2% of total Ethereum whale holdings with a value exceeding $128.9 million.

While play-to-earn Axie Infinity rounds out the top-10 list of recent activity, Ethereum-based virtual world The Sandbox (SAND) is absent and does not currently appear to be on the radar of game-hungry whales.

WhaleStats is also keeping tabs on some of the largest catches made by individual whale wallets. Here is a sampling of recent mega-hauls.

The fourth-largest ETH whale wallet named Light purchased 13,340 QNT for $2,129,864.

An unnamed third-largest ETH whale wallet purchased a million MATIC for $2,140,000.

The ETH wallet ranked #293 also went in heavy on MATIC, purchasing 1,239,999 of the altcoin for $2,951,199.

The 90th-ranked whale devoured 16,426,551 tokens from the Internet of Things data network MXC at a cost of $1,016,376.

Ruling crypto Bitcoin (BTC) is reeling, down 7.43% on the day and trading for $43,242.

Leading smart contract platform Ethereum is also getting battered, down 10.18%, and priced at $3,434.

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