Where can I buy SolChicks Token? Trade your $CHICKS tokens on Raydium, MEXC, and Orca now! What was the highest & lowest price for this Token

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What was the highest & lowest price for SolChicks Token (CHICKS)
SolChicks: Best Play To Earn PvP Crypto Game – Token Launched on Trustswap?
SolChicks, an epic play-to-earn (P2E) adventure game built on the Solana blockchain, has announced their collaboration with TrustSwap for the $CHICKS token offering November 25th at 4pm UTC on the TrustSwap Launchpad. The SolChicks team is creating a MMORPG / MOBA game with real entertainment value, a long term vision for metaverse expansion, and an aggressive roadmap to get there.

SolChicks is developed by a top-notch team from blue-chip business and gaming backgrounds that have a proven track record of building and scaling quickly. Their game demo is already live and they are well positioned to be a dominant force in the crypto gaming space over the coming months. Their mission is simple: to be the leading fantasy NFT PvP and P2E gaming ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. The unique gaming metaverse is being built around adorable “SolChick” NFT collectibles which players can use as their characters and in-game avatars.

Axie Infinity and other play-to-earn games have seen phenomenal growth in recent months but their addressable market size can be constrained due to a lack of actual entertainment value. None of these games has successfully tapped the Korea, China, and US markets by making a game that is both fun and profitable. The first company to market this formula successfully will be able to secure a significant first-mover advantage. Relative to the size of the traditional gaming market, the P2E market is likely to be significantly larger given the economic incentives.

Bond and Train SolChicks

Building a strong relationship with your SolChick through bonding and winning PvP battles will earn your SolChick experience points (EXP). Once you have maxed out the EXP gauge for your level, your SolChick will level up. With each level-up, your SolChick will gain new abilities and improve their existing traits. They will also gain stat points which you can allocate to certain attributes such as Stamina, Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence to boost their performance in battles and unlock special spells and items.


Test your skills and find out who has the mightiest SolChick in the battleground. PvP battle is an essential element of the game where your SolChick is pitted against another in a “battle-royale” style skirmish. Players can opt to play solo or in teams and will be matched with an opponent of a similar level and skill. Players will attempt to navigate the arena and out-maneuver the others in real-time combat. Climb the leaderboards and showcase your strength to players from all over the Solana universe!


Raid uses similar battle mechanics and interface to PvP fights but are instead PvE boss battles designed with experienced players in mind. Only the battle-hardened Grandmaster SolChicks can participate in Raids. With unique boss mechanics, Raids promise to be a challenge to even the most seasoned players. Partner with other Grandmasters and engage in co-op Raid battles against intergalactic threats! Great spoils await those who triumph but it will not be an easy task. Be sure to choose your team wisely!

Raids will be released periodically but are only available for a limited time during which the players can challenge themselves against the mighty SolFox and be awarded with rare achievements and prizes. All players who participate will earn EXP points based on their contribution.

Multi-Token Ecosystem

  • SolChicks Token ($CHICKS) is the governance token of the SolChicks metaverse. $CHICKS will eventually give its holders voting rights on key balance changes and new features of the game. They can be earned through seasonal leaderboard prizes, farming, and rankings, and traded on real-world exchanges.
  • Shards of Love ($SLC) can be earned through weekly pet happiness levels and winning battles which can be used to breed and sell SolChicks.
  • Tomes of Power ($SPOWER) and Tomes of Relearning ($SLEARN) can be earned through tough battles and sold on the marketplace.
  • Loot Boxes are awarded to players who complete quest objectives and participate in PvP battles. Loot boxes will typically contain $CHICKS, consumables, Tomes, or $SLC, with a low chance of equipment and crafting materials.

SolChicks has a strong presence across our three core social media platforms (Discord, Telegram, and Twitter) with plans to expand our communities across all major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Reddit. Additional cross-platform growth strategies include weekly AMAs, social media engagement campaigns, and periodic releases of “sneak peaks”.

The SolChicks team are also in advanced discussions with various P2E gaming guilds in Southeast Asia and beyond to expand outreach and create a virtuous cycle that organically nurtures the player base while we providing in-game value-adds such as guild-branded merchandise, reskinned items, and unique NFT mints.

Once the game economy has stabilized, the goal is to decentralize SolChicks so that players can directly vote through ownership of the $CHICKS token to effect changes in game.

The metaverse will be initially tested by ramping up the functionality of the SolChicks Village, which serves as a virtual hub from which players can explore the game. Players will be able to navigate their avatars in the village to various game locations (market, shops, arena, wilds, etc.) in order to access game features.

In the 3–4 year horizon, most of the game’s assets (including player progress as NFTs) will be stored on chain where they can be incorporated into other fantasy-themed games to add synergy and vibrancy to the expanding metaverse. Users will also be able to own land in the village where they can explore many options for creating value in the community.

For example, In your house (which you have built on land you own or have rented in the village), you can display your NFTs or put them in the village art gallery. You can convert your land plots into farms where your SolChicks can passively gather resources. For the more entrepreneurial players, you can build your own shop, or provide local services through amenities such as the blacksmith or cauldron, or even wilder ideas like the wheel of fortune. You can even look to build your own arenas to host your own tournaments.

The long term (5–10 year) vision is for the SolChicks Village to become the SolVillage, A go-to location for all fantasy assets on the Solana blockchain and possibly even across multiple chains. Future game titles can integrate into one seamless metaverse through the SolVillage. Cross NFT collaborations can happen where other NFTs can enter and live in the SolVillage alongside with your SolChicks. Guilds or flocks can band together to purchase a land plot where players can pool together resources to build infrastructure.

In addition, SolChicks is establishing meaningful partnerships with leading players in the video game industry. Working with Epic Games Store and other digital distribution platforms can catapult Solchicks into a wide outreach of casual and competitive gamers internationally. This would also signify that Solchicks has matured into a blockchain-based game that is available for the mainstream.

Click the links below to learn more about SolChicks:

Please see our comprehensive blog post here for full details and instructions on how to participate in the SolChicks token offering.

Anyone not domiciled in the USA or UN sanctioned countries can participate in the SolChicks token offering.

*The eligible countries list is selected by SolChicks. If your country is not listed, this does not mean you are ineligible for future TrustSwap Launchpad projects.

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