What is Metabase, Is it similar to Tableau in 2022? It’s Alternatives You Don’t Need A Data Team To Use

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What is Metabase, Is it similar to Tableau? ArcadeNetwork joins Metabase

What is Metabase used for? Is it similar to Tableau? Why ArcadeNetwork joins Metabase – Metabase Partners with First Decentralized Cross-metaverse Bridge ArcadeNetwork

Metabase is entering a strategic partnership with ArcadeNetwork, a unique platform that offers gamers and developers a whole new experience of gaming metaverses.

ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralized cross-metaverse bridge. Powered by Polygon, it provides the gaming ecosystem with revolutionary interoperability. Committed to the “Metaverse Revolution”, ArcadeNetwork is revolutionizing how the gaming industry operates through building and defining new standards for data exchange within the space.

ArcadeNetwork allows for the seamless movement of assets across the metaverse, giving gamers and guilds true ownership. This ensures that purchased assets can live on without losing value even if a game shuts down.

Metabase will also be the first Indonesian GameFi project to provide users with off ramp services, giving them the ability to seamlessly convert their token earnings into Indonesian Rupiah (fiat currency) or Indonesian e-wallet credits.

With the Metabase application, ArcadeNetwork will be able to significantly change the lives of players and investors with the aim of facilitating their activities and simplifying their day-to-day workflow.

Through this partnership, Metabase will have the ability to create a custom game dashboard and features for ArcadeNetwork, to support their investors and players. Players will be able to track their performance and off ramp their earnings while investors will be able to benchmark their players performance and automate their payouts. This will allow players to focus on gaming and for investors to scale and recruit players.

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