Online gaming in LatAm: Why online gaming is thriving in America as its $3.5 Billion Market

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Online gaming in LatAm: Why online gaming is thriving in America as its $3.5 Billion Market
Insights into Latin America’s $3.5 Billion Mobile Games Market | Finance Controller LATAM by Riot Games

Hey, welcome! We want this to be a brief but explanatory post

So let’s introduce us. What is ?

We are a team of gamers that have a goal; we want to connect as many players as possible to play to earn(P2E) games.

We are from Argentina, and since we know the financial struggles we face here and also in other Latin American countries, we have made it our goal to make play to earn games accessible to as many people as we can in order to change the lives of many people.

Our main objectives right now are 3:

· Hook as many people as possible into play to earn games

· Educate our games in order to play better and earn more

· Generate profits for our organization

How was this idea born?

My name is Felipe, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and occasional gamer that has dedicated way too many hours to gaming. Having some knowledge about cryptocurrency and P2E games, I knew about scholarships, so I got in touch with a friend who I knew was way better than me at gaming and told him about this opportunity where he could play and earn at the same time. He got hooked up pretty fast and decided to be my scholar, and let me show you how hooked up he got with the game:

This is 2 or 3 days before the end of Season 20, this was also his first season at the game.

So after seeing the potential(of my friend and what he could generate, of course), I introduced him with the idea of getting other people into Axie Infinity, teaching them on how to play the game in order to generate better profits and generating revenues by having a revenue sharing model, which he loved so we decided to partner.

Shortly after, we got in contact with other gamer friends and we now count with 3 scholars.

While researching on extra ways to generate income, we decided to dedicate a % of our funds to start flipping Axies, which has been really profitable in % terms, which will help us initially boost our funds in order to sponsor more people.

Our plans

Right now we are waiting for Axie:Origin(Battles V3) to start and are focusing on trying to rank pretty well at Season 21, while we do, we are researching other Play to Earn games and looking for more people to sponsor.

If you are interested on the latter or in helping us in any way, check our socials and get in touch with us

If you got here we want to thank you for reading our brief story.

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