Massive Airdrop and AXS staking Catapult Axie Infinity With Mega AirdropAlert with a Record Price of Above $118

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We We Explained Massive Airdrop and AXS staking Catapult Axie Infinity With Mega AirdropAlert

Liberty Gaming incredible competition is about to kick off with five ready-to-play Axie Infinity teams available to win

It’s Liberty Gaming competition time and this time it’s big! We have given away LGG tokens, 5000 no less, but this is another level. Instant scholarships with Axie teams all with a guaranteed minimum rating of 1200 MMR!

There are five ready-made Axie Infinity teams available, and this time there is no hassle and grinding away to invite as many people as possible to the Liberty Gaming discord server. Just participate in the competition, complete tasks, and the team can become yours!

To celebrate the latest update, Axie Origin, we wanted to offer the chance to instantly equip some of our scholars with a team that will serve them well in this latest update.

The Axies

All five available teams will be made up of the above combination, with each team to have a guaranteed MMR of at least 1200. You will not be choosing your composition, it will be set up and registered to you ready to go!

The set ‘Aqua Aqua Plant’ is one of the main setups in Axie Infinity and is suitable and effective for both beginners and experienced players alike.

The Plant Axie we offer has a ‘Serious’ card part with a ‘Vegetable Bite’ feature that allows it to draw energy from its opponents when used together with any other card. It also has a ‘Pumpkin’ card, offering a huge defense boost. Our Plant Axie has a ‘Cactus’ attack card with a ‘Prickly Trap’ skill, providing it with a 110 attack and 20 defense bonus.It also offers the ‘October Treat’ skill for defending. Another of its cards is ‘Carrot’ with a ‘Carrot Hammer’ dual-purpose skill, enhancing both attack and defense. Its defensive shield replenishes your energy if your opponent happens to break it when attacking you.

Aquatic Axies are the second fastest after Bird Axies, but one in our set has cards that allows it to outmatch its rivals. One is called ‘Goldfish’ with a ‘Swift Escape’ skill that increases speed by 2 points for the next 2 turns after being attacked. This effect improves with its ‘Koi’ card that gives an additional 20% boost, which makes it faster than Bird Axies once attacked. The ‘Risky Fish’ feature also provides an attack bonus against Plant, Reptile and Dusk targets. This comes in handy against tank-type Axies, which are usually plantoids. ‘Shoal Star’ card with a ‘Star Shuriken’ feature makes this Axie great against Beast Axies, disabling their ‘last stand’ mode. It also has a ‘Nimo’ card with a ‘Tail Slap’ skill. It doesn’t spend your energy when used, and if combined with another card when hitting an enemy it gives you 1 energy.

The second Aqua Axie in our set is virtually the same as the first, but in its ‘Koi’ card it has an ‘Upstream Swim’ feature, allowing you to move first on the next round, while giving you an additional speed boost.

What You Need to Know

The competition will run from today, Tuesday April 19th at 12:00pm UTC, and ending on Tuesday May 3rd at 11:59pm UTC. You can enter the competition here, and complete the following tasks. The biggest thing to remember: YOU CAN ONLY WIN IF YOU COMPLETE ALL 15 ENTRIES!!!

The Tasks

1. Join our official Telegram Chat Group (4 entry)

2. Join our official Discord Server (2 entry)

3. Follow @liberty_guild on Twitter (3 entry)

4. Retweet our AXIE AIRDROP campaign Tweet (3 entry)

5. Like and follow us on Facebook (1 entry)

6. Follow our Medium page and give us claps (1 entry)

7. Refer friends (up to 5) for extra entries (1 entry for 1 invite; max — 5 entries)

The winners will be contacted by email by our managers within two weeks of the airdrop conclusion. Axie accounts themselves will be distributed within a week after you are reached out to by Liberty managers.

I will say one more time: YOU CAN ONLY WIN IF YOU COMPLETE ALL 15 ENTRIES!!!

Liberty Gaming’s vision is to generate and increase exposure to play-to-earn & GameFi, in order to provide better financial opportunities for everyone. Axie Infinity is the top one game in P2E with a huge worldwide audience. We will award every winner with a team of 3 Axies, each with a 1200 MMR rating.

About Liberty

Liberty Gaming Guild is a barrier-breaking organization and community in the world of play-to-earn gaming and web 3.0, with the ultimate goal of creating financial freedom and success for its loyal scholars. The guild is a gateway for gamers to gain access to otherwise expensive & inaccessible NFTs within blockchain gaming, as well as providing an ecosystem for them to learn, grow and thrive within the new gaming era.

Liberty is lowering the entry barrier for gamers to enable participation in a variety of blockchain-based games, by lending in-game NFTs to our dedicated community scholars. This dramatically increases their chances of success within the games by utilizing superior characters, tools, armory and much more, to create greater earning potential for the scholar.

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