Axie Infinity (AXS) and Realm (REALM) have solid prospects Since its presale, investors have praised as its price is $0.045 from $0.01! Will Decentralanad Head To A Bearish Market?

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Forget Axie Infinity (AXS), Make Way For Realm (REALM), And The Hideaways ( HDWY) | NewsBTC
Finding valuable cryptocurrencies for 2023 has become more important as 2022’s fourth quarter ends. Axie Infinity (AXS) and Realm (REALM) have solid prospects, but nothing compared to The Hideaways (HDWY). 

Some analysts believe the bear market’s end has been achieved or is very near. Both coins represent an excellent opportunity to hold promising crypto projects.

However, AXS is losing its shine to newer projects. Let’s find out what experts think about the two play-to-earn crypto coins.

Axie Infinity Declines Further

With a $206 million 24-hour trading volume, Axie Infinity’s price is $7.05. In the past 24 hours, Axie Infinity has decreased by 8.3%. While trading volumes have increased since the previous day, AXS’s volume-to-market cap ratio is currently 0.4.

As a result of the bulls’ failure at the current price levels, the little confidence developed in the altcoin has dwindled. Axie Infinity’s price has been trading below the 20,50 SMA on the four-hour chart due to the rally’s lackluster performance.

One may anticipate a drop in AXS price below the $7 support level if the sentiment worsens. On the other hand, if momentum changes, $8 is set as the resistance for AXS.

The heightened selling activity in the market indicates that AXS is in decline. The bears have surrounded the altcoin. Thus, it appears that AXS will continue to decline in the days to come.

Is Realm The Future Of Metaverse?

A cross-chain coin called $REALM serves as the main utility token for the Realm metaverse. Using Realm, designers, artists, and developers may create metaverses, produce NFT exhibits and events, and exchange NFTs and on-chain genetic pets.

$REALM will begin as an ERC-20 token accessible on Reef Chain, Polygon Layer 2, and BSC chains, enabling participants to process transactions at a reasonable cost. To transport their tokens across chains, players can utilize one-click bridges.

Players and investors flock towards the latest metaverse for its affordable trading price, only at $0.0134.

The Hideaways Could Get You 20,000% Returns in 12 Months

Crypto analysts, whales, and bulls are anticipating The Hideaways (HDWY) run, a luxury real estate project, as its market debut offers promising advantages that could surpass AXS and REALM.

New generation ROIs are being introduced by The Hideaways, which outperform conventional real estate investing. Investors can profit from the enterprise with just an investment of under $100.

In exchange, the system might increase by over 10,000% the following year and keep expanding to overtake AXS as one of the top cryptocurrencies!

Not only that, but investors may access high-value properties across the globe that real estate professionals expertly package by using fractionalized NFTs!

There is still time to join the second phase of The Hideaways (HDWY) presale! Buy HDWY tokens for only $0.072!





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