Apollo Academy & LLG is Launching an Axie Infinity Meta Course & Meta Course Prize Draw – Apollo Academy, Limitless Guild Mobius 50K SLP Giveaway with Project Galaxy Airdrop

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Apollo Academy and LLG – Limitless Guild Mobius 50K SLP Giveaway with Project Galaxy Airdrop

To celebrate the recent launch of our Axie Origins Meta Teams course with Limitless Guild Mobius (LLGMobius), we’re giving away 50K SLP to Axie Infinity fans worldwide. Until the end of this month, all Apollonauts can stand a chance to win 5K SLP for themselves. We’ll be picking 10 winners during a live draw, hosted by our Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer, Wesley Mathews.

How to Participate

To qualify for the giveaway, you’ve to:

  1. Follow @a2cademy and @LLGuild on Twitter
  2. Join Salad Ventures and LLGMobius’ discord servers
  3. Sign up as an Apollonaut (for free!) at https://learn.apollo.academy/ and pass at least one quiz for the Axie Origins Meta Teams course

Apollonauts can choose between six modules; namely, Rage, Poison, Curse, Dawn Sustain, Shield Banish and Carrot Ronin teams. When we first launched the course, only four out of the six teams were live. Now, Apollonauts can check out what the Shield Banish and Carrot Ronin teams are all about.

To the Blood Moon with the Shield Banish Team

With a double reptile and single plant line-up, this team was designed for maximum sustainability and protection. It focuses its magic around stacking Pure Water cards and players can activate extra heal from Sakura when they build their banish pile.

Get Aggressive with the Carrot Ronin Team

Ample energy and damage cards equip players with all they need to unleash fury and attacks on their enemies. They get two taunts and can expect plenty of outplay potential with the use of the Mavis.

Climb the Leaderboard in Axie Infinity

Our Axie Origins Meta Teams course is just the beginning. We’re currently working on a detailed introduction to Axie Infinity course, suitable for all aspiring and current players. Players can learn how to get started; from setting up their account, basic gameplay guide for the adventure and arena modes to cards, battle basics and runes. They can also expect intermediate and advanced videos detailing how players can build their own team and use advanced mechanics.

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