What Are Play-to-Earn Games? Do you know you can earn with NFT games? Best Play to Earn (PTE, NFT, & Crypto) Games of 2022

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It is Sunday and it is time for our weekly roundup of the top play-to-earn and NFT games. No surprise entry or exit in this week’s rankings. The overall player base seems stable, but we see a slight drop in virtual worlds NFT trading. With the crypto market turning bullish, let’s see if this will continue or reverse over the next weeks.

Top play-to-earn games by active users

Source dappradar.com

No major change in the top ten games this week. Par War is still holding high in the ranks, taking the third spot away from Crazy Defense Heroes. We also see Galaxy Blocks rising slowly but surely and even passing Axie Infinity.

Top Virtual Worlds NFTs

Source openSea

This week, the whole virtual world and metaverse space seems to be cooling down a bit. We see NFT Worlds topping the charts again. Their recent land staking announcement will probably help the project to stay at the top of the rankings.

Netvrk Land is entering the top 10 with an increase of volume of 56% for an overall weekly volume of 113 $ETH.

Top announcements of the week

1. Guild of Guardians Launches Closed Alpha

Guild of Guardians pre-alpha bannerGuild of Guardians pre-alpha banner

Guild of Guardians has begun selecting a lucky few to download and join in their closed alpha. Emails are arriving in inboxes with links to the download, a guide to playing the game, and a special code providing access to what is officially a ‘pre-alpha demo’.

2. MOBOX announces MOMOverse

MOMOverse bannerMOMOverse banner

Since starting in early 2021 as a gameified DeFi system with a couple of very simple games to play, MOBOX has expanded their offerings to include three full games, with another in testing. Now, following in the footsteps of nearly every project on the blockchain these days, MOBOX announces their upcoming virtual world, Momoverse.

3. Mines of Dalarnia Announces their Third Land Sale, and it’s Open to Anyone

Mines of Dalarnia announced their third and last public land sale. Like the previous ones, the sale works following a lottery system and is open to all DAR tokens holders. Here are all the details on how to participate in the upcoming sale.



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