Share the love in the metaverse with World Script Symposia: NFT Artist Cocovan to Share Her ‘World Letter’ NFT with World via The Sandbox’s Metaverse – French-Iranian artist Cocovan has been travelling the world collecting people’s messages of love into one long letter since 2017

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The World Letter — NFT Collection

Lululand presents The World Letter: a love letter to the world, from the world.

The World Letter is an ongoing participatory art project founded by French-Iranian artist Cocovan. The project began in the summer of 2017 as a series of street installations all around the world, in which people of all walks of life come together to write a collective love letter to the world.

Cocovan sets up a desk in a public space, and invites passersby to write a love letter to the world on a scroll that grows and grows as more people write on it. Since its beginning, The World letter has traveled to 6 continents, and more than 50 cities around the world including NYC, Kathmandu, Paris, Bogota, Kampala, Mexico city, Bishkek, Berlin (among others), as well as more remote regions and villages.

As of today, more than 25,000 love letters have been written on the World Letter in many different languages, representing 145 different nationalities! The Letter now spans over 550 meters (1800 feet), making it the longest love letter in the world… and the only love letter from the whole world in history.

The World Letter aims to unite humanity in the collective creation of a gigantic symbol of peace, while offering a hopeful perspective: What if the world was actually… full of love?

As well as traveling the physical world, The World Letter is now for the first time expanding to the digital world, and making a stop in the Metaverse. By removing the physical limitations of the project, The World Letter hopes to reach even more people from all over the world, and spread its positive message far and wide.

In this experience, Cocovan and The World Letter want to you to take a minute a think: if you could write a love letter to the world, what would you say?

The collection will be live from February 15th (3PM UTC) on The Sandbox Marketplace.

Profits from the NFT sale will be donated to the The World Letter project.

The Atlas Backpack (left) ; Love Gives You Wings (middle ) ; Traveler’s Suitcase (right) ; Love Is In The Air Balloons (right)
  • The Atlas Backpack — This World backpack is your way of telling the whole world that you’ve got its back. Carry the Earth on your back, and represent the greatest planet of all.
  • Love Gives You Wings — The power of love will carry you wherever you need to go! And these wings made of hearts will certainly help you reach these new horizons.
  • Traveler’s Suitcase — A suitcase with stickers from all around the world. Useful to travel the metaverse!
  • Love Is In The Air Balloons — The World needs more love. If you agree, spread this message far and wide by holding these balloons along on your journey.
The Love Letter Suit (left) ; World Love Headpiece (left) ; The World Letter Overall (middle) ; Coco’s Hat (middle) ; Love Walk With Me (right)
  • The Love Letter Suit (Top, Legs and Arms are sold seprately) The signature suit outfit from Cocovan, The World Letter’s founder.
  • World Love Headpiece — What the world needs now, is love. This sophisticated headpiece represents the World, and love. By wearing it, you’re bringing a little bit more love into the world… with style.
  • The World Letter Overall (Top, Legs and Arms are sold seprately) The signature overall outfit from Cocovan, The World Letter’s founder.
  • Coco’s Hat — A hat made of straw and ribbon, made in Brooklyn, NY, by a woman named Lola.
  • Love Walk With Me — An XL backpack in the shape of a heart to wear on your back, as a fashion statement of love.


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