What happened to Axie Infinity in Philippines & Why AXIE losing players? Axie Infinity Has Left Filipino Gamers Despondent + In Debt and has paved the way and ZooEcosystem $ZOO will take us beyond, Thousands of Filipino players entered the crypto game last year, only for predatory structures to arise. Then the game’s economy crashed

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Axie Infinity $AXS paved the way and ZooEcosystem $ZOO will take us beyond

When it comes to blockchain-based gaming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Axie Infinity ($AXS) is one of the most well-known and widely-used platforms. However, there’s a new player on the scene that may give Axie Infinity a run for its money: ZooEcosystem ($ZOO).

One of the main advantages of ZooEcosystem over Axie Infinity is its gaming platform, which can be found at Zoo.Games. While Axie Infinity is primarily focused on its one game, ZooEcosystem has plans to host many different crypto games in the future, giving users more options and opportunities to earn and trade NFTs.


Currently, ZooEcosystem has only one game listed on its platform, called ZooRacers. This game allows players to use their Zoogenes NFTs to race against each other. The game is still in development and is about to release its v4 Beta before the end of February 2023 with full release soon after final testing. Zoogenes are unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs that cannot be bred or replicated with a supply of only 10,000.

Muenet The Wary Turtle #2800

The Zoogene shown above the most expensive sale of a Zoogene of 100,000 $ZOO or $5,675.76 USD to date. It’s an Ultra Rare (UR) Zoogene — out of the 10,000 Zoogenes only 3.5% are UR. Additionally this Zoogene is also has a Ghost (see through) attribute which only 1% of all Zoogenes possess. The UR makes this a top performing Zoogene in Zooracers, additionally the ghost attribute camouflages the Zoogene at the start of each life in Zooracers. Currently the floor price (lowest price) of Zoogenes is $25 and the total volume traded is $374,000. This Zoogene was sold on Openzoo.io.


Another advantage of ZooEcosystem over Axie Infinity is the variety of NFTs available on the platform. While Axie Infinity focuses mainly on its Axies NFTs, ZooEcosystem has multiple types of NFTs: Zoogenes, Boosters, & Elixers. They can all be used in game, collected, traded, and used in other applications within the ZooEcosystem.

Furthermore, ZooEcosystem has expanded beyond its native blockchain and can be found on the Wanchain and Avalanche networks with more planned. This multi-chain approach can help to increase the reach and accessibility of the platform, as well as provide additional options for users to interact with the ecosystem.

While Axie Infinity has gained a lot of attention and popularity in the blockchain gaming space, ZooEcosystem is quickly emerging as a competitor with a strong focus on gaming and a diverse range of NFTs. With plans to create many more games in the future and a multi-chain approach that aims to improve security and decentralization, ZooEcosystem could prove to be a formidable contender in the blockchain gaming world.


This is not financial advice, but $ZOO is way undervalued. It’s currently worth less than $0.01. In my opinion $ZOO offers more than $AXS does. This means at current prices $ZOO should be at least $3.94. Time will tell. Buy it on traderjoexyz.com, pangolin.exchange, or wanswap.finance.



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