The Sandbox brings us a new, Season’s Greetings event and announces Holiday Season’s Greetings events, featuring new and returning experiences, social challenges, and many chances to earn – Greetings event will span one major event and five mini events to end the year on a high note

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The Metaverse Sandbox announces Holiday Season’s Greetings events on – What Is The It? Discover Now
The Sandbox brings us another major event with thousands of SAND tokens and special NFTs as rewards. Called Season’s Greetings, this event is broken into six distinct parts, each with their own pool of rewards.

This holiday spectacular from The Sandbox starts on December 20th and runs through January 3rd, 2023 (1pm UTC), spanning six, somewhat separate events.

We’ll see some returning experiences for the Season’s Greetings such as The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, and DeadMau5. But there will also be plenty of new experiences like the Care Bears, Elventown, Mecha Santa’s Worskshop, and more!

new experiences in Seasons Greeting in The Sandboxnew experiences in Seasons Greeting in The Sandbox
new experiences in Seasons Greeting in The Sandbox

Season’s Greeting Events

The main contest is open to all. Anyone who completes at least 80% of the quests in the Season’s Greeting experiences share in a prize pool of 100,000 SAND and one Memorabilia. In addition, there is a special reward pool for anyone who owns a Land or Avatar NFT. This one also requires completing 80% of the quests and also includes 100k SAND tokens and one NFT. It’s unclear if everyone receives the ‘Memorabilia’ and NFT, or if it’s just one single item available. Either way, earning SAND tokens is always nice!

Next is the Care Bears event. Participants must own a Care Bear avatar, and also complete 100% of the quests in the Care Bears experience. Everyone who meets these requirements shares in 50k SAND tokens.

Midnight in the Metaverse is a more limited time event. This event runs from December 27th through January 3rd, 3pm UTC. Players must visit Club XYZ during the event, and then tweet a screenshot of themselves there to join the raffle. The prizes for the winners are one NFT and 1 Memorabilia.

There will also be social challenges through the Seasons Greetings event. These will give players entries into a special raffle. Watch The Sandbox twitter account for notifications.

And finally, there is a chance to earn a Mystery Box. To collect one of these items, players must complete all of the quests in Seasons Greetings (100%) and then post a tweet about the Mystery Box. Everyone who completes these requirements receives a Box with a random NFT inside — perhaps even a valuable one!

As with other recent The Sandbox events, players will need to go through a KYC and identification process to be eligible for prizes. And though this doesn’t officially count as another Alpha Season for The Sandbox, the amount of tokens and prizes handed out is comparable. Definitely not an event to miss if you have some game playing time during the holidays!

More About The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a collection of user-created gaming and social experiences consisting of plots of varying sizes made of voxel-based blocks. Landowners build and customize their own experiences with block editing, hand-crafted assets, and a built-in scripting language. These virtual lands become adventures, virtual shops — whatever their owners imagine and build!

For those interested in creating games or game assets, The Sandbox provides free tools for that. Using VoxEdit, creators build voxel-based objects for use in-game. Additionally, with the Game Maker users can create all sorts of interactive experiences.

The Sandbox uses its native token, SAND, for their land sales and in-app marketplace. They also offer a staking option for SAND tokens as well.

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here.

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