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Release of the Origins Offseason Update by Axie Infinity

The top metaverse game, Axie Infinity, has published yet another update for its renowned adventure, Origins. On November 22, 2022, the platform’s Twitter account made a statement detailing Origins’ scheduled maintenance. Similarly, it included information on the recently introduced benefits that gamers would undoubtedly take use of in due course.

Notably, the upgrade was referred to as a “big offseason patch,” and Axie Infinity would roll out two updates. Axie Infinity: Origins’ Season 1 concluded on November 14, 2022, which is another factor in this. The platform made the decision to roll out the off-season fix despite Season 2 being in the works.

This is the first of two patches that must be applied. The second patch, however, will come with special benefits. Players can anticipate balance updates that include a range of cards in addition to other Rune or Charm options.

What’s New in the Origins Offseason Patch?

Axie Infinity launched an offseason patch to give players extra experiences so they may gain more goodies. Players are urged to keep an eye out because this is the first of two large offseason patches, as was previously mentioned. This is a nice concept even though it will bring about new benefits.

In this offseason patch, new features and game dynamics have been included. Also covered by these features are charms, energies, and Blood Moon. Axie Infinity has also addressed bugs involving game hanging and in-game mail.

The entire user experience has also been enhanced. Both freshly added game components and new VFX effects are now available. Players will also be able to manage their games efficiently, improving their experience on the platform.

Base HP of NFT Axies is increased from 320 to 400

The Base HP of NFT Axies have been raised, taking into account other new mechanics. This new advancement will assist players in keeping up with the game’s pace while preserving the original game’s concept. In essence, this will increase Axies’ ability to survive longer in combat.

As shown, the majority of games are often decided in the first minutes of contests. Players have little to no room for intriguing comebacks as a result of this. Notably, this has caused players to purchase charms “just to survive the early game” in order to reduce damage and increase health.

Players will be able to examine different charm loadouts thanks to the upgrade, though. Additionally, this is due to the fact that players now receive less Effective HP than they did in the past. Axies should naturally be able to survive lengthy battles, even though Starter Axies will be improved later.

Class Potential Points Are Now Scaling Linearly with Class Purity

Runes and Charms, in particular, are crucial to the gameplay of Origins. As a result, using Axies from various classes can aid players in winning matches. Axie Infinity has observed that certain players stick to a particular class of Axies with “really effective” Potential Points.

In order to accommodate all Axies, the platform is redesigning its Potential Points system. There are now a total of 14 Potential Points available to all Axies. The Pure 7/7 Axie category is the only one not included; nevertheless, they will still retain 15 Potential Points.

Mixed Potential Points Can Be Attached to Neutral Charms

The platform then thought that low-purity Axies in particular classes would have bonus points that could only be used for less powerful charms. In worse situations, these Axies were unable to use their bonus points. The situations involving Dusks, Dawns, Mechs, and Imposter Axies are examples.

The Neutral Charms were not only regarded as neutral, but every class could acquire them. However, only points from the same Card Class may be used to pay for the cost of equipping. After the Potential Point system has been revised, Neutral Charms can be purchased with a combination of points from any class.

More significantly, in order to increase their Potential Points, players are urged to equip their class charms before neutral charms. The Potential Points will be distributed as follows, according to Axie Infinity: Card Class > Aquatic > Beast > Bird > Bug > Dawn > Dusk > Mech > Plant > Reptile.

Energy Bust

There are a number of effects that offer players more energy on the Axie platform. They then succeeded in outperforming their competitors, perhaps with a little bit of luck. Many players were under pressure as a result, forcing the majority of them to play for energy gain.

Games are said to be quite erratic when players “high/low roll” their card draws. In this instance, the luck of the draw plays a significant role in the game. Players could therefore experience “snowballing,” especially after losing an axe early in the game.

Therefore, in order to enhance player experiences, Energy Busts will be available that may be started by gathering Energy Fragments. A player’s energy per turn will grow by 1 permanently with each energy bust. Additionally, a player’s turn-by-turn card draw increases by 1 permanently for every two Energy busts.

How Are Energy Fragments Gathered?

Notably, “the quantity of Energy Fragments required for each Energy Bust is increasing every time.” There are three methods to obtain them:

  • When playing cards with energy, the Energy Fragments gathered match the energy cost of the played card.
  • With the exception of round 1, where a free [keep] is offered, by using energy to [keep] a card.
  • By virtue of the results of Cards, Runes, and Charms.

Reworked Blood Moon

Blood Moon is intended to keep track of the timely conclusion of matches as a practical mechanism. Because of the harm it does to the environment, the concept of sustainability was first developed. This makes it possible for players to outlast their rivals and make games continue longer than they otherwise would.

In essence, teams who wish to win games should be able to construct positions that will oppose their adversaries. They will then be able to defeat their opponents and claim victory. Axie Infinity is introducing workable effects for win conditions in that regard.

Blood Moon will be changed such that all Axies will have their Maximum HP permanently decreased each turn. This goes against the conventional strategy of harming the surroundings of every Axy on the field. Players will have to increase their maximum HPs in order to delay the Blood Moon effect, which adds interest to the game.


Axie Infinity claims that “Secrets can no longer be dispelled,” and can only be eliminated through special effects. The [Arcois ]’s a notably good illustration of such effects.

Fixed bugs

The gameplay of Origins as a whole has significantly improved from season one. It’s interesting that gamers have expressed frustration with the game hanging, especially when they have an excessive number of Axies. The glitch has already been rectified, so gamers may now load their games without worrying about them hanging.

In-game mail is now loaded into the current account as well. The in-game mail loading mail from previously logged-in accounts has previously been the subject of complaints. Axie Infinity has addressed this problem, so players no longer need to worry.

Additionally, the game now shows the proper popups. For instance, the game correctly pops up when you attempt to claim first-time rank-up rewards.


The game’s overall presentation is captivating in terms of the visual effects (VFX) department. Players can enjoy the new VFX and animations that have been added to the game even while crafting. It’s interesting to note that the game’s user interface now features animated elements.

The minting charge will always change according on how uncommon the Runes and Charms become. In other words, runes and charms with a high rarity level will have a higher minting cost than those with a low rarity level. In order to improve management, the platform most recently added a “Reject All option for the in-game Friends List.”


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