Axie Infinity Play-To-Earn Crypto Project Sustainable OR Gameplay Metaverse Collapse? | 2022 Top Market Research, Most Promising News, & Is Pegaxy Token Better GameFi Marketplace?

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Discover whether the Axie Infinity play-to-earn crypto project is sustainable or is there a pending gameplay metaverse collapse?  Learn top 2022 market research, most promising news, and is the Pegaxy token a better GameFi marketplace versus Axie?  Is the investment future bleak for Axie Infinity?

Here’s a video overview of what is Axie Infinity and Smooth Love Potion (SLP)…

A PVP (player vs player) mode of Axie battle (photo credit: Auxey Papuyu)
The Axie Economic System (original by the author)

Here is what the Axie pulse is from those I’ve talked to making up Axie Managers, Guilds, and Scholars, their Discord channel, Tweets, Instagram, and YouTube posts…

  1. Some of my informants suggested that Axie should allow “burning SLP to upgrade into powerful Axies”, “grow the AXS market”, and “host global e-sports tournaments.” E-sports is one lucrative arena where Axie could make a mark in.
  2. Another mistake was the perceived lack of communication between Sky Mavis with its community. Many of my informants claimed that Axie’s next plans are mysterious. There are also complaints about the “power play” displayed by the core team in Sky Mavis against its community. This requires a cultural fine-tuning in Axie.
An Axie card containing an Axie’s energy and shield (110 vs 30) (photo credit: Alfonso Ramos)
A victory in an Axie battle, with a player awarded with +20 SLP (photo credit: Tori Cayton)

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