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Voices from the Metaverse: nspace

nspace CEO reveals his latest creation in the metaverse and his vision for 2023

For this episode we invited Ethan Liu, CEO of nspace media to share his journey with The Sandbox and the latest creations for the upcoming game season

Please tell us more about nspace

nspace is a start-up company focusing on the development of a new metaverse business model, working with well-known companies and IP to issue NFTs on various blockchains, games, movies and DAO applications. Headquartered in Taiwan since 2022 and continuing to promote the growth of Web 3 business, our first NFT project is the officially licensed Dragon Tiger Gate Moments on the Polygon network.

nspace also owns a plot of 3×3 LAND in The Sandbox which will be planned and built as the “First Comic Gallery in the Metaverse — World Meta Comic Corridor (WMCC)”, collecting comic NFTs from all over the world, and creating highly engaging and interactive games for members of Web3 and comic circles!

What brings nspace to the metaverse? What convinced you to get involved in The Sandbox?

With the advent of the Web 3 era, the Metaverse, blockchain and AR/VR technology are gradually expanding their application. Whether the goal is to purchase virtual real estate in the metaverse as an asset; integrate a product or service with the Web 3 model; or arrange a brand upgrade, the adoption of Web 3 is one of the most advanced strategic deployments that brands and corporations are urgently seeking. nspace is a new Web3 strategist that assists companies and brands to develop metaverse assets, bringing blockchain, gamification, DAOs and other creative Web 3 applications into their existing ecosystem. We position ourselves as experts in helping to bridge brands and companies in their move from Web 2 to Web 3.

As a top metaverse platform, The Sandbox has accumulated over 40 million downloads. Although it is still in the Alpha stage, recently launched seasons of new experiences have been well received globally and the company has partnered with over 400 major brands and IPs all over the world. In the Sandbox we are free to create community spaces, game experiences, shopping malls, cultural and entertainment events and to develop many opportunities for brands and IPs to achieve their goals. nspace shares the same values and a belief in the infinite possibilities of the Web 3 world. Therefore we took the opportunity to build the first comic-themed museum in the metaverse — to create a common space for all comic lovers in order to showcase and exchange our collections with the world.

Please introduce the exciting new projects you are working on

We have now launched WMCC | Greater China Park, the first wave of comics NFT based on the legendary Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan comic — Dragon Tiger Gate — which is a martial arts academy established by three youngsters: Tiger Huang, Little Dragon Huang and Black Dragon Shi. First released in 1970, it is the longest lasting action and fighting series in Hong Kong. Teddy Boy Club (also known as Young and Dangerous) covers a gangster group led by Chen Haonan who navigates dangerous adventures in triad society. It was first released in 1985 and has become immensely popular to the point where the story has been made into a series of movies. These legendary comic books and characters break through barriers in regional culture, time and space, allowing comic lovers to travel through the metaverse and practice martial arts together!

nspace WMCC | Greater China Park preview

What is the most exciting part of your project?

Comic NFT — Blockchain and digital identity allow the transformation of paper comics into NFTs and enable the world to redefine the importance of digital asset ownership. The value brought by NFTs not only benefits readers, but also forms a more sustainable ecosystem for creators.

Night market culture — When we talk about Taiwan, the “night market” is absolutely indispensable. The night market is not only a gathering spot for a wide range of food stalls, it also represents a significant part of food culture in Taiwan. It is a go-to tourist spot for late night partying and foodies looking for cheap food, drink and entertainment. WMCC Greater China Park presents a surreal simulation of Taiwan’s night market in the metaverse, allowing you to experience night market culture anytime, anywhere.

How do you see your company and The Sandbox evolving in 2023 and beyond?

We have been working with Index Game to help Taiwanese companies build their own experience in The Sandbox. Moreover, we advocate supporting the local creator economy by offering professional online VoxEdit courses to groom local metaverse designers. In 2023, nspace aims to develop more than four experiences in The Sandbox for our clients and integrate more Taiwanese creators to launch our own experience in the coming game seasons.

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