‘Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club’ NFTs Launch: A Web3 project that renews the classic British science fiction characters for a new generation – ITV Studios has partnered with Reality+ to create the “Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club”

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Thunderbirds F.A.B Collection

The Thunderbirds F.A.B collection gives you the keys to be part of Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club where you can join us in shaping rescue missions, ideas and creative direction for the future Tracy Island Sandbox experience.

Get access to gated communities and engage with one of the most fun and enduring science-fiction brands to launch out of the U.K. Not only that but collect these fun focused collectibles to enjoy in the Sandbox, now and in the future.

Get your Thunderbirds NFT HERE!

The Party Pd (left) ; FAB1 (middle) ; DJ Parker’s Mobile Disco (right)
  • The Party Pod (Thunderbird 2) — Did you know Thunderbird 2 has a Party Pod for secret raves anywhere in the world? V.I.P access only, I’m afraid. © ITC
  • FAB1 — This exquisite pink roller could be yours. 1 previous owner, aristocratic, socialite… secret agent! © ITC
  • DJ Parker’s Mobile Disco — DJ Parker Mobile Disco
    Available for weddings, raves and rescue missions. No one throws it down like DJ Parker. © ITC
Braman (left) ; Jeff Tracy at Work (middle) ; Brains in the Lab (right)
  • Braman — Jumping on the A.I. hype? Brains was there way before all of us with Braman, a personal robot programmed to play chess, but also pretty handy when it comes to SAVING THE WORLD! © ITC
  • Jeff Tracy at Work — The dedicated founder and head of of International Rescue, Jeff knows that any mistake could cost the lives of those in need, or even of his Boys. Jeff has had a long an adventurous career. © ITC
  • Brains in the Lab — Our favourite scientist and inventor. Not only did Brains invent the incredible Braman robot, but he also designed every single Thunderbird vehicle. Not bad for such a young genius. © ITC
Thunderbird 1 (left) ; Thunderbird 4 (middle) ; The Mole (right)
  • Thunderbird 1 — The fastest vehicle on the team, lovingly rebuilt for Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club mint pass holders. © ITC
  • Thunderbird 4 — A subaquatic rescue vehicle that can delivered anywhere in the world by Thunderbird 2 and reach speeds of up to 160 knots. © ITC
  • The Mole — EPIC!!! The Mole is one of the Pod Vehicles that is used for boring out terrain to reach people in distress. This vehicle really is an essential beast. © ITC
Scott (left) ; Virgil (middle) ; Alan Tracy and Tin-Tin Kyrano (right)
  • Scott — The heroic leader of the team, ready to GO! Scott is at the controls of Thunderbird 1. © ITC
  • Virgil — The famous pilot of Thunderbird 2. Virgil is also an accomplished pianist. © ITC
  • Alan Tracy and Tin-Tin Kyrano (Love Struck) — Alan’s fondness for Tin-Tin is the worst kept secret on Tracy Island. © ITC
Gordon Tracy (left) ; John Tracy (right)
  • Gordon Tracy (Underwater Rescue) — Gordon, the fearless aquanaut’s biggest passion is protecting the oceans and its wildlife. © ITC
  • John Tracy (Thunderbird 5 Control) — John’s is the main space monitor for International Rescue. When an emergency call for help comes in, John is ready to relay it down to the team. He is also the closest Thunderbird to the moon. © ITC
Alligator (left) ; Miniaturised Laser Beam Cutter (middle) ; Grandma Tracy’s Gateau Rescue (right)
  • Alligator (Gold Edition) — Supermarionation was a cutting-edge production style used in the 1960’s Thunderbirds television show… but not everything was animated with puppets. In the classic episode “Attack of the Alligators!” real ‘gators were used in place of marionettes. This special gold collectible honours the bravery of the film crew who recorded one of the most terrifying episodes of the series. © ITC
  • Miniaturised Laser Beam Cutter — Brains has been hard at work shrinking the form factor of the powerful Laser Beam Cutter on Thunderbird 4 down to handheld size. You can equip this item and use it in compatible Sandbox experiences. © ITC
  • Grandma Tracy’s Gateau Rescue — Jeff knows who the boss really is, and if he didn’t, he might miss out on cake. There’s nothing like being treated to Grandma Tracy’s Rescue Gateau after a hard day’s work rescuing those in distress. © ITC


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