The Metaverse Explained With Real-World Examples and Current Trends, How it Works? Will it end up replacing the Internet?

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How to build the Metaverse virtual world?

The Metaverse Explained With Real-World Examples and Current Trends, How it Works? Will it end up replacing the Internet?
The metaverse explained: Everything you need to know about how does it work? why should we know about it

There is a possibility that until now you have not heard this term, perhaps you did but it has not caught your attention, or you did know something but you think it is nonsense and it is not worth your time to delve into the subject. Well, let me tell you that you might be wrong, to the point of being left out or lagging behind on the matter, because this concept and what it represents is here to stay and you should learn a little so that it does not catch you off guard when it gets as a normal thing in our day to day.

To keep it simple, it is a virtual world where we can connect with other people, using various devices that allow us to access this virtual world and interact not only with people but also with elements present in this virtual world. If I have to say it another way, think of online videogames, where you already interact with friends and other people, you create a character or an avatar and you can play and do various tasks. Now think about your day to day, entering this virtual world and being able to carry out your daily tasks into the Metaverse, but without leaving home.

The truth is that no one knows, at the time the appearance of the Internet and the Web, it was something unknown to many people, so much so that there was mistrust or even little interest, but as you know today everyone uses it, because it allows connection with other people through of technology, and this has been evolving with increasing speed. The metaverse can be said to be the next step in this interconnection with people, moving from a digital world to a virtual world.

It all sounds very futuristic, but there are already projects and games that have their metaverse (for example Decentraland, Sandbox, Axie Infinity) and many others that are being developed, where we can interact with other people, virtual worlds to be able to connect and be part of such a real community. like life itself, but this is not all that it can be.

The idea of ​​a metaverse goes further, where we can practically be inside this virtual world, with our avatar, and this is capable of capturing our expressions, movements, and of course, for this the necessary technology, although it exists, has to reach massification together with the scalability of a whole world to be able to develop in it.

But that is not all, we are talking about being able to develop a sustainable economy within the metaverse, where you can earn money (in cryptocurrencies) to be able to support yourself and have your life, imagine concerts, articles and accessories to buy and use within, the scope that you can have is unlimited, only that we are still at a very early stage where large companies and brands have begun to bet on all this new technology and range of possibilities.

Big companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, well-known brands or world-class artists are already in the run to not be left behind of this new era that, although it is still uncertain, we should not let it pass because it could be the next step in the Internet era, a step where no one wants to be left behind.

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