Axie Infinity (AXS) Gains 42% in Anticipation of Token Unlock: Play-to-earn giant and Only his unique cryptocurrency that powers a game metaverse operating on the Play-to-Earn principle $AXS, the native token of Axie Infinity, has surged 40% in the past 24 hours, clocking a 4-month high of $13.94

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AXS Surges 40%. Here Are 3 Crypto Gaming Tokens That Can Follow The Suit

Crypto Gaming Tokens
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Play-to-earn giant $AXS, the native token of Axie Infinity, has surged 40% in the past 24 hours, clocking a 4-month high of $13.94. The rally comes ahead of the planned $64 Million token unlock. The sudden surge in the token’s price has got everyone confused as token unlock is considered to be a catalyst for the bear market. However, $BTC is moving from strength to strength and it could be a reason behind fundamentally strong altcoins witnessing rallies.

Crypto Gaming remains one of the most resilient and investment-worthy sectors within the cryptocurrency market. Since crypto games unlock multiple avenues of revenue generation, Gen Z and Millennials are particularly focused on diversifying their investment into crypto gaming tokens and a lion’s share of those investments continues to go into $AXS. If the bullish sentiment sustains for a few more days, other gaming tokens are likely to follow suit.

Three Crypto Gaming Tokens That Can Rally In January 2023

$SAND: $SAND, the native token of Sandbox, is another extremely popular blockchain gaming cryptocurrency with solid fundamentals. Creativity is at the heart of the gaming platform. It allows users to create and sell NFTs on the marketplace to generate income. The Sandbox is the result of a confluence between blockchain gaming and metaverse. With the creative economy attracting more and more gaming enthusiasts toward the platform, there’s only one way the platform can go from here. $SAND’s current market price is $0.79, whereas its all-time high is $8.44.

$PYR: $PYR is the native token of Vulcan Forged, one of the fastest-growing blockchain gaming ecosystems. The Vulcan gaming universe comprises the world’s first decentralized exchange for gaming tokens and an NFT marketplace. It is powered by the Elysium blockchain, the world’s first green blockchain that aims to power Vulcan Forged as a carbon-neutral crypto-gaming ecosystem. $PYR is currently priced at around $4. The previous all-time high of $PYR is $49.24.

$ILV: $ILV is the native cryptocurrency of Illuvium, the world’s first Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG). A creation of Kieran and Aaron Warwick, Illuvium is an intergalactic-themed game. Illuvium is becoming the favorite gaming destination for crypto games, thanks to the thrilling interplanetary encounters. Lucrative in-game rewards are another reason behind crypto gamers flocking to Illuvium. $ILV’s current market price is $62.43, whereas its all-time high is $2,868.

The crypto gaming ecosystem continues to get bigger with increasing interest from gamers and investors. There are many crypto-gaming projects that hold amazing growth potential. Which one is your favorite crypto-gaming project?


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