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Kitsumon Announces December 3rd FlashLaunch on TrustSwap | Trustswap Staking Calculator
Kitsumon ($KMC) Metaverse Token Is Going To FlashLaunch on Trustswap (SWAP) – Announcement is of December 3rd regarding FlashLaunch on TrustSwap

The team from Digital DNA Studios is launching their new pet-collection battle game Kitsumon. They have announced a collaboration with TrustSwap for the $KMC FlashLaunch token offering starting on the 3rd of December at 5PM UTC.

Kitsumon is free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game built around NFT asset technology. The Kitsumon world will feature simulation-style gameplay and be on both PC and mobile platforms. Featuring virtual monsters called Kitsu, players take the role as trainers with goals to create, trade, train, and battle with other players in the Kitsumon world.

Inspired by successful NFT projects like Axie Infinity and mainstream games such as Pokémon and DOTA, Kitsumon has combined the best of both worlds to create a fun game for all types of players.

Breed, feed, and train your Kitsu before challenging others in exciting battles and be rewarded for your efforts with the Play to Earn system. Kitsumon will feature its own NFT marketplace exclusively for the many varieties of NFT assets handled in-game from Eggs and Kitsu to recipes and skins.

Each Kitsu begins its life as an Egg and obtains unique skills, abilities, and appearance from its parents. Kitsu love attention and will reward you for your care, so feed them delicious food, breed them, and let them duke it out in the battle arena to keep them happy.

Through a revolutionary Digital DNA system, every new Kitsu that hatches is unique and wonderful. Just like in real life, Kitsu feature a genome system to determine what is seen (phenotype) and what is hidden (genotype).

The Kitsumon world is full of fun and exciting professions to learn and master. Learn to grow crops and various plants, cook amazing foods, trawl the waters for fish, and much more. Your efforts will reward you with great products that can be used and traded.

One of the primary professions of the Kitsumon world is farming. Players require a plot of land to farm and can obtain multiple plots. Once a user has a plot of land they can choose what type of farm they wish to run. All farm items can benefit from seasonal weather, boost items like food, fertilizer, and much more.

Cooking is by far one of the most helpful skills to learn. Cooking allows players to turn raw ingredients into delicious meals that offer numerous benefits to Kitsu! Level up your cooking to gain new recipes and reduce cooking times.

Fish are a favorite of Kitsu and they were lucky enough to have been given a multitude of varieties in their new world to choose from. Fishermen can fish the waters for various types of fish. Levelling your skills will allow for different fishing zones to be accessed and larger and rarer fish to be caught.

Much like Cooking, Alchemy lends itself to taking ingredients and turning them into consumables and other items that offer a great range of benefits to Kitsu. Where Cooking tends to benefit energy and health more, Alchemy focuses more on reducing process timers.

The Ranger profession offers a range of skills some of which are hugely beneficial. Rangers can harvest wild foods like mushrooms and collect fertilizer for farming. But, more importantly, Rangers can capture and charm wild Kitsu allowing them to be added to a players collection! High-level Rangers can also harvest KANDY from the wild.

Much like farming, mining requires a piece of land. Once a player has a piece of land they can begin to mine it. Mining produces a range of products not limited to Gems, Metals, Artefacts, and more. Mining efficiency and outputs can be increased with better tools and levels.

A tinkerer is a bit of a Jack of all trades at crafting items. Tinkerers can cut gems, refine metal, craft fishing poles, tools, and much more. Tinkerers are crucial to all the other professions in Kitsumon.

Behind all the other features lies the core of the Kitsumon world, the battle arena. Players will be able to both train and battle against other online players in both ranked and open matches.

Players will battle to destroy their opponent’s main tower before the end of the match or have the greatest KO count. Winners and losers will both be rewarded with experience points, tokens, and more with the winning team receiving the largest share.

Players will be able to create ‘Guilds’ and invite players to create battle teams. Battle teams are by invite only and will only be able to battle in special League Ladders and tournaments.

Kitsumon is created around an ecosystem where a player’s participation rewards them to enhance gameplay in other areas. For example, a player can sell their food on the marketplace to other players to acquire funds which can then be used to purchase items or boosts that aid their progress. Kitsumon will offer players numerous rewards such as Egg NFTs, consumables, items, boosts as well as $KMC and the in-game currency KANDY. Rewards can be earned through activities like battles, achievements, daily & weekly tasks, and leader board ranking.

$KMC or Kitsumon tokens are the exclusive token currency of the Kitsumon World. These tokens will be used in all manner of game economics from future Egg sales, shop purchases, trading NFT assets, and more. Hosted on Polygons MATIC network, transaction fees are kept to a minimum making for a better user experience.

$KMC will also be used to purchase ‘KANDY’ the in-game only currency of Kitsumon. Our goal is to create a simplistic and cost-effective in-game ecosystem that benefits players and the platform in its usability and efficiency while providing scalable growth over time.

While $KMC acts as a bridge between the game world and the real world and has many uses, KANDY is the predominant in-game currency of Kitsumon. Users will be able to purchase KANDY directly using $KMC as well as receive it as Rewards.

KANDY will act as a buffer between the volatility of traded tokens and the in-game store keeping prices stable. Users can purchase many of the daily power-ups, subscriptions, items, and more using KANDY.

For more information on Kitsumon, click on the links below:

Please see our comprehensive blog post here for full details and instructions on how to participate in the Kitsumon FlashLaunch.

Anyone not domiciled in the USA or UN sanctioned countries can participate in the Kitsumon $KMC token offering.

*The eligible countries list is selected by Kitsumon. If your country is not listed, this does not mean you are ineligible for future TrustSwap Launchpad projects.

** Launchpad dates are subject to change. This is not an endorsement, partnership or an offer for investment by TrustSwap. Kitsumon is using the TrustSwap Launchpad as a customer, with specific requests as to how they need their launch to operate. TrustSwap is a provider of non-custodial, smart-contract-based software services. Digital assets carry a high level of risk. Participation is performed at your own risk. Exercise caution and conduct your own due diligence.

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