Thalon is a free-to-play, RTS game set in a science-fiction setting in which players collect resources and compete for prizes, the New Interesting PC RTS (real-time strategy games) Game Coming On Immutable in TOP 10 Real Time Strategy Games

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Thalon is a free-to-play, RTS game set in a science-fiction setting in which players collect resources, command armies, and compete for bounty prizes.

The game will feature classic elements such as factions and innovative matchmaking solutions. After all, pairing up opponents with the same skill level is the hardest component of any strategy-first shooter game.

Thalon will use power points and seasons to divide players into active segments and proportionally grade their power and team composition. During seasons, matchmaking will allow players with similar power levels to fight in the arena.

The game will feature an enormous amount of assets, as any unit on the battlefield can potentially be rendered as an NFT and/or utilize skins signed on the Immutable blockchain. The core members are committed to making the NFTs inside Thalon interoperable with the broader ecosystem of play and earn games.

Top players will receive special rewards, and a seasonal leaderboard will ensure free-to-play and seasoned players keep coming back to the game for more fun battles and adventures.

Thalon Gameplay

Thalon demo screen capture

Thalon is a traditional real-time strategy (RTS) game, the first installment of the Thalon trilogy pits players against one another for control of Thalon ($THL) and NFT artifacts. They start by picking their chosen PvP or PvE game modes, NFT fighting units, and upgrades while keeping within the Power Points allotment.

The participants begin mining resources to build their bases as soon as a new game is started. The more resources they collect, the quicker they grow their colony and start assembling fighting forces. Matches normally take 10 to 20 minutes, and a player is declared the winner when their opponent submits or has all of their buildings destroyed. The successful contestant receives a bounty box, where they can choose to redeem their prize for a little price.

The following NFT items or $THL tokens will be included in bounty box rewards:

1. Battle unit: video game resources (soldier, tank, aircraft, etc).

2. Upgrades are in-game improvements that raise a fighting unit’s stats (damage, armor, speed, range, etc).

3. Land is an asset that players can customize to earn more money.

4. Skins give structures and troops in the game a distinctive look.

5. Seasonal prizes include rare skins, incentives from outside partnerships, cosmetic land objects, and more.

Thalon ($THL) Tokenomics

The $THL cryptocurrency serves as the foundation and hub of the Thalon ecosystem, with a total cap of 1 billion tokens. As an ERC-20 token, $THL is distributed on Ethereum/Immutable X and has a number of ecosystem-wide uses, including governance voting, liquidity mining, and in-game prizes.

The project will stick to a single token economy that serves as both governance and a portion of the in-game incentives, according to continuing study and advice from advisers.

185m $THL has been set aside for the team members and project advisers. 125 million tokens are dedicated to the DAO.

20% of proceeds received from the Thalon Vault, where users exchange $ETH for $THL, is directly used to fund the ongoing development of the Thalon ecosystem, including but not limited to staff hiring, infrastructure, marketing, tournament prize pools, and more.

Revenue distribution is based on the proportional weighted $THL value of a stakers position. A holder who stakes their $THL or land for a longer period will receive increased revenue weighting.

0 Months – not locking tokens will give a weighted score of 1

6 Months – locking tokens for 6 months will give a weighted score of 1.5

12 Months – locking tokens for 12 months will give a weighted score of 2

Wrapping Up Thalon

By placing more bets on computer games than on mobile games, Thalon is attempting to succeed where many others have failed. Similar platforms that offered didn’t have the intended success and saw a sharp decline in the value of their token.

Over 10k users across Twitter and Discord follow them. Signum Capital, YBB foundation, and Ethlizards are some of the early seed investors in the project.

Competing with major leaders, such as Phantom Galaxies, for gamers will be hard, and Thalon still has much to develop before mass-scale adoption can be considered.

For more information, you can visit and read the project’s whitepaper.

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