What is Gucci doing in the Sandbox Metaverse? Is they bought Virtual Land, Officially Joining the Metaverse?

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Gucci Buys Virtual Land in The Sandbox, Officially Joining the Metaverse
Gucci buys virtual land on Ethereum Game The Sandbox, Entering The Metaverse! Gucci Buys Land in Ethereum Game The Sandbox to Create Metaverse Experiences

Gucci bought an undisclosed amount of virtual land on The Sandbox to expand its fashion footprint even deeper into Web3.

Gucci on The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain.

As part of its plans on The Sandbox, Gucci will revamp its Gucci Vault to cater to the digital world and turn it into a more interactive experience.

In a Twitter post, Gucci said, “Crafting the future, pixel by pixel. Vault is building its own virtual world on @TheSandboxGame.” The brand also called on people to join its Discord group.

In a separate post, Gucci highlighted the significance of Gucci Vault.

“Vault is defined by an ever-evolving curation of rare vintage pieces alongside noteworthy designer collections dear to #AlessandroMichele,” read the post, which also came with a link to the Gucci Vault on the official site.

It is not immediately clear what exactly the Gucci Vault on The Sandbox will offer. But being a game, players on The Sandbox can expect to buy Gucci merchandise for their digital avatars such as unique digital clothing.

Gucci in the NFT space

Gucci was also the first luxury fashion label to launch an NFT when it auctioned a four-minute film inspired by ‘Gucci Aria’ on Christie’s in May 2021. The same month it launched the Gucci Garden Experience on Roblox.

The Italian luxury fashion brand subsequently went on expanding its footprint in the digital world. In August, the brand released a digital version of the Dionysus bag on Roblox and in January 2022 Gucci and SUPERPLASTICS collaborated to create SUPERGUCCI NFTs.

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