Top Best Good Games Guild Guide: How to Earn Crypto, Make Money, Pros, Cons, and Getting Started with GGG in 2023

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Good games guild

Good Games Guild Guide: How to Make Money, Pros, Cons, and Getting Started
Good Games Guild (GGG) is a gaming hub focused on blockchain games. It invests in play-to-earn game assets and sponsors players to fulfill its vision of helping anyone make a living out of gaming.

What is Good Games Guild (GGG)?

Good Games Guild (GGG) is a gaming community with a focus on blockchain-based games. It’s an organization with a core team of sponsors and game players who work together to boost the guild’s virtual world economy. GGG provides sponsorships to new play-to-earn (P2E) gamers who may not be able to afford the initial requirements of games based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In turn, the guild enjoys its share of earnings from the wins of its players.

How does Good Games Guild work?

As a special type of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), GGG sets its own rules on how its members benefit from the guild.

Like other crypto gaming guilds, GGG has scholars. The guild sponsors these scholar players by investing in play-to-earn games. Specifically, they purchase the initial in-game NFT characters required to play the game. In turn, the scholars get to play without having to invest in the NFTs themselves. Whatever they earn by playing, they share within the guild according to GGG’s rules.

In other cases, GGG invests in land NFTs that are used in the metaverse. The guild rents out virtual land and allows renters to use them for metaverse activities in exchange for a rental fee.

The Good Games Guild also plans to have its own NFT marketplace. GGG will charge 1.5% per transaction, which is one other way for the guild to make money.

As the guild grows and earns, GGG members receive rewards and incentives. To become a scholar player, you need to join the guild’s Discord server and register whenever the team opens available slots.

Good Games Guild scholarships

GGG has a pretty active Discord community where aspiring scholars can apply for scholarships. The team announces scholarship openings for new games on the #guild-announcement channel on the GGG Discord server. Here, any GGG Discord member can register for the specific scholarship batches through Google Forms.

The team goes through the applications and announces the awardees on the same Discord channel. Anyone can join and have the chance to get into a batch of scholars. A batch can have upwards of 70 or even 100 slots, depending on the game.

How to make money as a scholar

Scholars and the guild, as a whole, will split earnings from different games. Axie Infinity scholars, in particular, earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens in the game and take 65% of the SLPs. The guild takes the remaining 35%. This ratio may change depending on the guild’s preferences.

How to make money as a manager

GGG token holders automatically have the privilege to stake their $GGG and earn rewards. Currently, the guild doesn’t seem to have openings for managerial roles per se. But, half of the revenue made by the guild—including those they earn from scholarships and NFT renting profits—will be shared by GGG token stakers.

Pros and cons of Good Games Guild


  • Relevant scholarship openings
  • Exciting game choices
  • Big investors


  • Relatively newer
  • Not as transparent
  • Not enough scholarship info on the website


Relevant scholarship openings

GGG’s Discord community gets excited from time to time as moderators announce new scholarship slots. The team listens to what gamers would love to play next. In May and June of 2022 alone, the guild has opened about four new batches of scholars for four new games.

Exciting game choices

Good Games Guild also makes sure the games they choose have high earning potential. It’s already sponsoring players for Axie Infinity, CyBall, and Pegaxy. The latest partner on its list is Cantina Royale, a tactical action shooter game that you can play on both desktop and mobile devices.

Big investors

Good Games Guild has attracted big industry names such as Animoca Brands. This company is known to back promising blockchain projects, such as AAA play-to-earn game titles. It has also partnered with Illuvium, an upcoming P2E role-playing game (RPG) on Mac and PC.


Relatively newer

Good Games Guild is newer and still smaller compared to other blockchain gaming guilds. At the time of writing, it only has 1000+ scholars compared to the whopping 25,000+ players that Yield Guild Games (YGG) is already sponsoring.

Not as transparent

GGG is not as transparent when it comes to reporting earnings to the public, at least when compared to Astra Guild Ventures (AGV). AGV has a dedicated earnings dashboard on its website. Meanwhile, Merit Circle (MC) is also more transparent when it comes to its 70/30 profit-sharing ratio, also displaying it on its website.

Not enough scholarship info on the website

If you don’t go inside GGG’s Discord server or don’t follow GGG on its Medium blog, you won’t find much information on how to be a scholar.

Good Games Guild history

Good Games Guild was founded in 2021 by B.E. Suryadi and Aditia Kinarang. The guild aspires to become the “world’s biggest gaming hub for play-to-earn games.”

In November 2021, GGG introduced the Good Games Labs as its investment arm. In December of the same year, it also established MetaversePad as a multichain launchpad for metaverse and blockchain game projects.

Good Games Guild games

GGG continues to grow its list of partner games, some of which are already actively launched in the GGG ecosystem. The guild either has active players or is currently opening a fresh batch of scholars for the following titles.

Good Games Guild tokens

The guild has its own governance token called the $GGG. Owning these tokens gives you several privileges, including the right to vote whenever the guild needs to make a new key decision.

You can earn $GGG as rewards for activities within the guild and use it to pay for items and services in the guild’s ecosystem. If you’re not interested in becoming a P2E gamer, you can still buy $GGG from cryptocurrency exchanges such as PancakeSwap and KuCoin.

If you own $GGG tokens, you can also stake them for more rewards.

Good Games Guild staking

Staking your GGG tokens means you’ll earn rewards for holding $GGG in your crypto wallet. The guild distributes 50,000 $GGG per week to those who participate.

You can stake your $GGG in one of two ways. The first staking system only involves GGG tokens in a single-sided staking pool. This reward pool will have 10% of the total $GGG rewards. If you choose this system, you will have your share of the 5,000 $GGG distributed per week.

Meanwhile, the second system involves the Binance coin called BNB as the Liquidity Provider (LP) token. If you choose this type of staking system, you’ll have your share of the whopping 45,000 GGG tokens to be shared per week. This is 90% of the total weekly reward pool.

How to buy Good Games Guild tokens

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Search for “Good Games Guild”

Good guild games

Step 3: On the “Market” tab, check the active exchanges where $GGG tokens are listed.

Good guild games

Step 4: Choose which platform you prefer to buy $GGG from.

Step 5: Suppose you chose KuCoin. Click on the corresponding GGG/USDT link under the “Pairs” column.

Good guild games

It will lead you to this page.

Good guild games

Step 6: Sign up for or log in to your KuCoin account (if you already had one).

Good guild games

Step 7: If you don’t have any crypto balance yet, you need to either deposit or buy crypto first. Since you want a GGG/USDT exchange, you need USDT.

Good guild games

Suppose you already have USDT at another crypto wallet. You can click on Deposit. Choose the appropriate network (the same one that your other wallet uses). Deposit your USDT on the revealed address using your other wallet.

Good guild games

Now, suppose you don’t have any crypto balance in any other wallet. In this case, you can click on Buy crypto to buy USDT at KuCoin using fiat currency.

Good guild games

If your local currency isn’t listed, you can use USD. Buy USDT with USD using the available payment options. Visa and Mastercard options are available.

Good guild games

Step 8: Exchange your USDT for GGG, i.e., buy GGG with your USDT using the trading instructions at KuCoin.

Good guild games

Note that each crypto exchange has a different look and feel. Some platforms make buying crypto coins easier for beginners than others.

How to get started

Step 1: Join the Good Games Guild Discord server.

Step 2: Follow the verification rules to prove you’re not a bot.

Step 3: Head over to the #guild-announcement channel inside the GGG Discord server.

Good guild games

Step 4: Scroll up to see recent scholarship openings.

Step 5: Register to be a scholar for the game that interests you. Note that there’s a corresponding Google Form for each game.

Good guild games

Step 6: Wait for the announcements to see if you’re one of the qualified scholars.



Is Good Games Guild legit?


Yes. Good Games Guild has existing play-to-earn game scholars. It also has an active Discord community where the team announces new partner games and scholarship offers. The guild is backed by Animoca Brands, a venture capital company known to choose promising and successful projects.




What are the key features of Good Games Guild?


GGG markets itself as the gaming hub that will help anyone make a living out of gaming. It sponsors gamers, offering them scholarship slots and allowing them to play blockchain games using the guild’s assets. The guild invests in in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and shares the rewards reaped by the scholar players among members. It also has its own governance token, the $GGG.




How do I buy Good Guild Games?


You can buy the guild’s token, $GGG, at several exchanges, including KuCoin,, ZT, PancakeSwap (V2), and Decoin. CoinMarketCap also updates the list of exchanges where you can buy $GGG.




How do you stake a GGG coin?


If you hold $GGG tokens in your crypto wallet, you can stake them at You need to connect your wallet and select one of two types of staking: (1) GGG Single-sided or (2) GGG/BNB LP (Liquidity Provider). The first type will have 5,000 $GGG to be shared per week, while the second, 45,000 $GGG. You need to have a few BNB coins in your wallet to pay gas fees.


What is the Good Games Guild token?


The $GGG token is the native currency of the Good Games Guild ecosystem. It serves as the reward for activities within the guild. You can also use it to pay for services or items on the GGG platform. If you’re a $GGG token holder, you also have governance rights, allowing you to vote on proposals about the future of the guild. Plus, you can stake your $GGG coins to earn more of them.


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