Discover GCDS Rabbit Collection for Chinese New Year, a Selection of Ready-to-Wear & Accessories on Enjoy free shipping on orders over 250 €-$, Also Louis Vuitton’s Lunar New Year capsule collection includes a variety of accessories, such as a scarf, beanie, a rabbit cup and a rabbit box

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Discover GCDS Rabbit Collection for Chinese New Year, a Selection of Ready-to-Wear & Accessories on Enjoy free shipping on orders over 250 €-$
Creator Fund Cell 12’s Rabbit Lunar Year — NFT Collection

Autumn is the harvest season. When the crops are well harvested, people celebrate it during the fallow winter. Over time, it has become the most important festival for the Chinese.

The Chinese also use 12 animals to represent different years. The upcoming Year of the Rabbit in 2023 is the inspiration for our CF New Year creation. We hope to spread the rabbit-style New Year to the world and let people from all over the world share happiness together.

The collection will be available form January 18th (2PM UTC), on The Sandbox Marketplace.

Chinese Azure Drgon Golden Color (left) ; Chinese Azure Drgon Green Color (right)
  • Chinese Azure Drgon Golden / Green Color —There was a legend that a long time ago a dragon that pierced the sky and brought blessings from heaven.
Chinese Drum and Party Control Room (left) ; The mysterious red hat that brings spring (right)
  • Chinese Drum and Party Control Room — A cute rabbit inside a Chinese drum style room monitoring the party for fun.
  • The Mysterious Red Hat that Brings Spring.
Lantern (left) ; Wheel Cake Vendor (middle) ; Head of Lion Dance (right)
  • Lantern —The lantern of the Chinese God of Wealth. Chinese people always experience temple fairs and enjoy lantern shows during the Lunar New Year.
  • Wheel Cake Vendor — One of the vendor that people always visit at night markets. Most vendors have red beans, cream and sesame and other flavors.
  • Head of Lion Dance — You can see the lion dance in most celebrations.
Rocket Fireworks Backpack (left) ; Rabbit Glove (middle) ; Chinese Dragon Dance (right)
  • Rocket Fireworks Backpack — Firecrackers are set off during the Chinese New Year, soaring into the sky!
  • Rabbit Glove — A cute and warm bunny suit glove.
  • Chinese Dragon Dance — Chinese Dragon Dancers are all dressed up in red so does that dragon. The dragon prop is made of three sections, which makes it easier to perfom bigger movements. This Chinese Dragon Dance conveys happiness, joy, and hope in the new year.
God of Wealth (left) ; Red Envelope (middle) ; Rabbit Legs (right)
  • God of Wealth —The Chinese God of Wealth brings luck and wealth to people.
  • Red Envelope — This is a year-of-the-rabbit red envelope. Giving red envelopes is a traditional way to share good wishes with families and friends during the Lunar New Year.
  • Rabbit Legs — The fastest person in the family at the Chinese New Year will wear rabbit legs and give everyone a red envelope.
China Tower (left) ; IOYOI (middle) ; Candy Stall (right)
  • China Tower — The “pagoda” is not an inherent form of Chinese architecture, but a new type of architecture that emerged with the introduction of Buddhism. Buddhism originated in India, and pagodas were also imported from India.
  • IOYOI — The New Year’s version of the fire capybara, the mascot that the creator has been using.
  • Candy Stall — Candy stall in the Lunar New Year market sells traditional Chinese sweets like Tanghulu’s and sweet fruits.
Flower Stall (left) ; Sky Lantern (middle) ; Pink Tropical Plants (right)
  • Flower Stall — Flower stall in the Lunar New Year market.
  • Sky Lantern — Put your wishes on a sky lantern and let the whole world hear by lighting it up and reaching into the stars.
  • Pink Tropical Plants — This plant has many big green leaves and a couple of pink flowers in the middle. It can be used for outdoor decoration.
New Year VR Player (left) ; Rabbit Maya (right)
  • New Year VR Player — This is the New Year VR Player. He really likes playing VR, even though it’s the new year. He dressed in red and yellow for celebrating.
  • Rabbit Maya — Maya calls herself the cutest rabbit in the world. Although her newly bought qipao dress and violet dyed hair have used all her red pocket money that she hasn’t earned yet.

About the Creator Fund Cell 12

The Sandbox Creator Fund Cell 12 — The Dragon Team’s artists come from various regions of Greater China with creators from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Our culture and festivals are slightly different from place to place, but we celebrate the New Year together, so we are excited to share this festival with the world in the Metaverse!


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