What is Axie Infinity and how is it ushering in Ethereum’s NFT gaming? The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Axie Infinity Game

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Axie Infinity receives a strong long-term technical score of 93 from InvestorsObserver‘s research based on historical trading patterns. The proprietary scoring system weighs price movement from recent months to a year, analyzes the token’s support and resistance levels, and where it is relative to long-term averages to determine whether it’s a strong buy-and-hold investment opportunity.

AXS currently holds a superior long-term technical analysis score than 93% of cryptos in circulation. This ranking metric is most useful to buy-and-hold type investors looking for strong steady growth when allocating their assets. tokens with a high long and short-term technical score can help indicate assets that have bottomed out, providing investors a chance to ‘buy the dip’.

Long-Term Technical - 93

Trading Analysis

Axie Infinity’s price is -$0.3900000 (-0.62%) below its 100-day moving average price of $63.340000000 as its price at the moment sits at $62.950000000. Additionally, AXS is $60.2000000 (1892.94%) higher than its 52-week low price of $2.740000000 while -$102.42000000 (32.02%) under its 52-week high of $165.370000000. The current trading price in relation to its long-term average along with its 52-week high and low, gives AXS a strong long-term technical score of 93. Long-term trading movement of Axie Infinity suggest that investors are neutral on the token at the moment.

Axie Infinity has a market capitalization of $3,833,877,041.52 and a relatively high average daily volume with $3,616,034,992.21 worth of the currency traded over the typical 24 hour period. Over the last 24 hours, AXS’s volume is below its seven day average with 491,766,689.94 exchanged.


AXS’s historical trading over the past year gives it a a strong long-term technical score of 93 as its price movement in that time has given investors reason to be neutral on the token in the long-term.

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