Axie Infinity Origin BUFFS & DEBUFFS Explained! All You Need to Know About Double Kotaro Team and Collector Guide

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Blast Axie Origin Cup — Instructions

Date: November 4, 2022 21:00 UTC
Prize Pool: USD 150
Mode: Bracket BO3 Single Elimination — All Unlocked

In this guide we’ll detail the steps to participate in the Axie Infinity Origin Open Tournament.

  1. Read the How-To instructions to create your Blast account here and details of the process of joining an Axie tournament.
  2. Read the tournament rules carefully. Read them here
  3. Join the tournament >>
  4. Join the Blast Discord and choose the Axie ES or Axie EN Roles. In the Axie ES category channels you will be able to communicate with the tournament administrators.
  5. Complete this form
  1. If you connected your Ronin Addresses correctly, Blast will collect match results automatically, but it’s always best if players provide match results with full screenshots on our Discord.
  2. Inform tournament moderators about disconnections, remakes, or any cases in which the normal flow of the match is disrupted.



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